New Product Release: 300W and 400W Plastic Sealed Chargers and Switching Power Supplies

New Product Release: 300W and 400W Plastic Sealed Chargers and Switching Power Supplies
It’s not just the size that’s increased!
Henryuan proudly announces the launch of its latest high-quality power solutions: the 300W and 400W plastic sealed chargers and switching power supplies. Known for leading the industry in high-end power solutions, Henryuan's new offerings combine advanced technology with superior components, ensuring reliability and efficiency.
These products have achieved safety certifications from major markets, including ETL, FCC, PSE, TUV CE, SAA, UKCA, and CCC, highlighting their commitment to safety and quality. The 300W and 400W models are poised to meet the demanding needs of various applications, garnering attention and approval from the market.

  • High Efficiency: Designed for optimal energy conversion, reducing waste and maximizing power output.
  • Advanced Safety Features: Equipped with over-voltage, over-current, short-circuit, and short-circuit protections to ensure safe operation.
  • Durable Construction: Built with high-quality components for long-lasting performance and reliability.
  • Wide Compatibility: Suitable for various applications, supporting a range of devices and battery types.
  • Global Certifications: Certified by UL, ETL, FCC, PSE, TUV CE, SAA, UKCA, and CCC, ensuring compliance with international safety standards.
  • Innovative Design: Plastic sealed for enhanced durability and protection against environmental factors.
300W Switching Power Supply:
  • 12V 15A Switching Power Supply, 18V 15A Switching Power Supply, 19V 15A Switching Power Supply.
  • 24V 12.5A Switching Power Supply, 28V 10A Switching Power Supply, 30V 10A Switching Power Supply.
  • 32V 9A Switching Power Supply, 36V 8A Switching Power Supply,38V 7.5A Switching Power Supply.
  • 42V 7A Switching Power Supply, 48V 6.25A Switching Power Supply, 52V 5.5A Switching Power Supply.
300W Battery Charger:
  • 12.6V 15A Battery Charger, 14.6V 15A Battery Charger, 16.8V 15A Battery Charger.
  • 25.2V 10A Battery Charger, 29.2V 10A Battery Charger, 29.4V 10A Battery Charger.
  • 33.6V 8A Battery Charger, 37.8V 7.5A Battery Charger, 42V 7.5A Battery Charger.
  • 44V 6.5A Battery Charger, 46.2V 6.5A Battery Charger, 50.4V 6A Battery Charger.
  • 54.6V 5A Battery Charger, 54.8V 5A Battery Charger, 58.4V 5A Battery Charger.
  • 58.8V 5A Battery Charger, 63V 4.5A Battery Charger, 67.2V 4.5A Battery Charger.
  • 71.4V 4A Battery Charger, 84V 3.5A Battery Charger.
400W Switching Power Supply:
  • 12V 20A Switching Power Supply, 12V 25A Switching Power Supply, 24V 15A Switching Power Supply.
  • 28V 14A Switching Power Supply, 30V 13A Switching Power Supply, 32V 12.5A Switching Power Supply.
  • 36V 10A Switching Power Supply, 38V 10A Swithing Power Supply, 42V 9.5A Switching Power Supply.
  • 52V 7.5A Switching Power Supply, 55V 7A Switching Power Supply.
400W Battery Charger
  • 12.6V 20A Battery Charger, 12.6V 25A Battery Charger, 14.6V 20A Battery Charger, 14.6V 25A Battery Charger.
  • 16.8V 20A Battery Charger, 25.2V 15.5A Battery Charger, 29.2V 13.5A Battery Charger, 29.4V 13.5A Battery Charger.
  • 33.6V 10A Battery Charger, 37.8V 10A Battery Charger, 42V 10A Battery Charger.
  • 44V 9A Battery Charger, 46.2V 8.5A Battery Charger, 50.4V 7.5A Battery Charger.
  • 54.6V 7A Battery Charger, 54.8V 7A Battery Charger, 58.4V 7A Battery Charger.
  • 58.8V 6.5A Battery Charger, 63V 6A Battery Charger, 67.2V 6A Battery Charger.
  • 71.4V 5.5A Battery Charger, 84V 4.5A Battery Charger.

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