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Join Henryuan Group as they celebrate a successful year at their annual banquet with employees and suppliers, reflecting on achievements in innovation and quality, and looking forward to future growth and global expansion in the technology sector.... View More>>
Henryuan leads in high-quality chargers, switching power supplies, and wiring harness assembly. Committed to innovation and excellence, it delivers customized solutions tailored to diverse global markets.... View More>>
Henryuan, a leading manufacturer of advanced chargers, switching power supplies, and cables, is proud to celebrate its 12th anniversary.... View More>>
Henryuan is committed to providing customers with stable quality switching power supplies and chargers. All chargers and switching power supplies undergo a 4-hour full-load aging test before leaving the production lines to ensure 100% performance.... View More>>
Introducing Henryuan's 300W and 400W plastic sealed chargers and switching power supplies. Certified by ETL, FCC, PSE, TUV CE, SAA, UKCA, and CCC, they offer high efficiency, advanced safety, and durable construction. Ideal for various applications.... View More>>
Experience Henryuan's efficient and reliable lithium battery chargers, designed with cutting-edge technology and robust safety features. Our chargers optimize battery life, reduce energy consumption, and ensure safe operation, setting new industry standar... View More>>
Do all electric scooters have the same charger? no, different electric scooters use different batteries, mainly lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries, and lithium iron phosphate batteries, that need different chargers.... View More>>
what is the 12V lead acid battery charging voltage... View More>>
Interchangeable wall plug universal chargers, the best universal chargers... View More>>
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