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In today's digital era, the demand for dependable lithium-ion battery chargers is at an all-time high. Henryuan stands out in this industry, offering lithium battery chargers with comprehensive safety certifications such as UL, cUL, FCC, PSE, CE, GS, SAA, UKCA, KC, and CCC. These certifications assure consumers that their devices are charged safely and reliably.

Henryuan's chargers cover a power range of 3W to 300W, suitable for various devices. Advanced charging solutions ensure your batteries receive the correct power without overcharging or damage.
Key features include:

  • Over-current protection, Over-voltage protection, Battery low-voltage activation, Short-circuit protection, Reverse connection protection, Secondary over-voltage protection.

The correct charger voltage is determined by the battery's series connections. For instance, a 1-cell 3.7V lithium battery charger has a charging voltage of 4.2V. Here are other examples:

This range makes Henryuan chargers versatile and practical for various applications.
Our high-quality chargers are ideal for products such as:
Golf trolleys, Surveillance equipment, Electric sprayers, Massagers,Thermal clothing, Portable power stations, Test devices, Firefighting equipment, LED desk lamps, Cameras, Power tools, Lawn mowers, Autonomous robots, Sweepers, Electric outboard motors.
No matter the lithium battery-powered device, our chargers meet your needs effectively.
Henryuan has set the industry standard for lithium-ion battery chargers with comprehensive safety certifications, advanced charging solutions, and compatibility with various battery configurations. Whether for personal or professional use, our chargers provide the assurance of safe and efficient charging. As the market for lithium-ion battery chargers grows, Henryuan continues to lead in innovation, offering high-quality solutions to meet your charging needs.
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